Positioning program

The Positioning Australia logo

The Australian Government is making a significant investment in the Positioning Australia program through Geoscience Australia. The program contains three major projects:

  1. The commercial procurement and operation of a Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) called SouthPAN which will enhance positioning across the region through the provision of extra Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals and data delivered from a geostationary satellite.
  2. The enhancement of the National Positioning Infrastructure Capability (NPIC) which will see upgrades to and an expansion of the GNSS Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network across the South Pacific and Antarctica.
  3. Ginan is an open source Precise Point Positioning (PPP) toolkit. It can produce PPP position correction products and, operating in another mode, use GNSS observations and those correction products to determine positions with an accuracy in the centimetre range.

The program is summarised in figure below.

The Positioning Australia Program in a diagram

For more information on the positioning program please visit the program website.