Ginan: software toolkit and service

12 August 2022 - Geoscience Australia makes available new Earth rotation parameters ERP file products. Read the download and connection instructions here.
26 July 2022 - Ginan achieves an important milestone today with the first operational release of the software. Over the last twelve months Ginan has successfully passed through its Alpha and Beta versions culminating in the new release today. Users will recognise this release as version 1.5 in the Ginan GitHub repository.

The Positioning Australia Ginan logo

Ginan is an open source toolkit for creating precise point positioning (PPP) analysis products, correction streams and positions. It is being actively developed in a Geoscience Australia Positioning Australia program.

The source code for the current version of Ginan is available for download from this site. New versions of Ginan with enhanced capabilities will be developed and released over time.

Geoscience Australia is establishing operational instances of Ginan that produce PPP analysis products and streams on a continuous basis and which are available free of charge to the public.